about reruns



I know we haven’t talked in a while,
yes I still get mixed up about what makes me smile,

I was sitting in the dark watching reruns and I thought of you. 
And it wasn’t for long,
and it wasn’t that hard,
but for half of a part of a sliver of a second I was confused.
Because you were not next to me,
the warmth if your legs pressed to mine
that was always so uncomfortably clammy and fine with me
was missing. 
And all the angles of the room stretched out with shadows. 
And I remember the outline of your head and neck doing the same as they were cast on the wall above the couch,
and I was convinced that you were most beautiful in the soft blue glow. 
And I wondered where you were.
And I wondered how you were.
And I wondered if you knew of her, and if you knew that I was happy. 
Because I hope you know I’m happy
And I hoped that you were happy.
And I wasn’t confused anymore,
everything is where it is supposed to be.
You, wherever you are,
and me,
sitting in the dark just watching reruns.

Copyright 2014 by Paul Curry