about my friend who is gone now


Introducing my friend

Introducing **** *******

When I was performing,
**** always used to introduce me, 
winding words and always ending with the "the great Paul Curry" 

Even when I wasn't. 

But if he was here, 
and heard me doubt myself like that, 
he would arm himself with a compliment argument and go on the attack. 
And you could never defend yourself against that.
He was just too fast. 

So now,
instead of arguing,
I am going to introduce the king of introductions right back. 

So here we go.

Introducing, the one, the only, the handsome, the homely, the ever popular with those always feeling lonely. 
Introducing, the worker of words, the polisher of turds, the batman of bullshitting and peddler of fake cures. 
Introducing, the sniper of souls, the marksman of the secrets in man's hidden holes, the seer of something I could never quite behold. 
Introducing, the lover of friends and friend to all lovers, the seducer of saints and little kid under the covers. 

The special son to a loving mother, 
the best friend and the little brother, 

The unique freak so quick on his feet,
he'd be saying goodbye before you got a chance to meet. 
Keep you on your toes on the edge of your seat,
then sit with you while he makes jokes about people passing below on the street. 


My friend, the great, great, great, **** ******* 

I hope I did you proud man. 

Copyright 2016 by Paul Curry