Theo loved his brother. 

Loved the blood pumping in his veins,
Whether it was in his heart, in his art, or in a field among his favorite flowers. 

It was Theo's blood too. 

Theo loved his brother's eyes and his brother's hands like hundreds would.
But Theo also loved his brother the way only a brother could.

Wore his shadow like a badge of honor,
proudly proclaiming his last name,
his own heart beating his chest with pride, 

Theo saw his brother with a younger siblings eyes. 
some of the few that ever really saw him

Saw how his big brother fought off the monsters in the closet and under the bed even as he lost to the ones in his head.

Saw obsession overtake ambition, 
felt it in the lines of hundreds of letters, 
so he did his best to beat it back,
scrawling out careful responses with words like "calm" like "rest" like "please"
like "please remember the fields that you love back home, the ones I love too, remember how the wind winds through them and that they need to be seen again" 

Theo loved his best friend. 

Gave him everything he needed to live,
everything he needed to do what he loved
because Theo knew that to his brother they were the same thing. 

So Theo turned what he earned into paints,
into colors and hues he knew he could never give the world
so he gave them to his brother. 

Turned his acclaim into contacts, and his children into nieces and nephews that carried the same admiration in their eyes. 

They say that for the entirety of his brother's funeral,
Theo cried. 

And the doctor said that 3 month later when Theo died,
it was not just from sickness but from sadness. 

Theo loved his brother.

His first fan until his last breath
Theo saw that the world was darker when his brothers light left. 

And so did Theo's family. 

So when the two brothers were finally reunited under fields of flowers by their childhood home,
they made sure that the brother Theo loved would be known. 


And the brother became famous. 
And the brother's works inspired thousands. 
And the brother will never be forgotten, misunderstood or doubted. 

And Theo.

Theo got what he wanted too
Because Theo loved his brother.