Instagram Snapshot

Taking photos on your phone is easy. Taking perfectly-timed photos on your phone isn’t.
We decided to show our followers that by making social media ads that challenged people to try and screenshot the perfect shot right then and there — while they were viewing it on their phones.


To show how the Canon EOS series is perfect for people who are spontaneous and creative, we set up a game of “story tag” for seven different kinds of photography influencers. One influencer began the story, then called out another one who had 24 hours to shoot and post the next part of the adventure — leaving us to work with them to make it all make some kind of sense.


To help photographers go from good to great, we used our social media to give them hints and tips about how to get creative shots and where to get them. We made carousels on Instagram with simple instructions for certain kinds of photos, and also posts giving them the information they would need to be in the right place with the right camera settings.