We have two mottos in my house,
and one addiction,
it actually makes a lot of sense.
The first motto is Know Your Audience.
And although the smart ass in me wants to now ask each one of you your name,
that would actually be a pretty bad example of knowing your audience.
Because what it really means is to know what they want to hear,
and then slip it, or shove it, in their ear — depending on their preference.
The second motto is that The Currys can bullshit with the best of them.
but the second motto is true only if you follow the first.

Now if you ever happen to find me letting loose at a party,
you'll find my grip Is tight.
Normally around a bottle of something most people choose to mix.

And Now, if you ever find me at a party you will probably assume what the addiction is.
And though that is in my family tree the addiction that I choose to see, is talking.
My name is Paul Curry and I like to talk.
I have liked to talk for about twenty four years now.
And though I have had moments of sobriety — I can not just sit idly, 
by and let you all believe I have something to say.
Because although I reach up in my brain and press play,
I don’t normally know what I put in the tape deck.

My mouth on autopilot,
my lips seem sentient,
my tongue its own agenda,
and voice box giving hints.
And people seem impressed that I can lie.
That it's so easy I can do it sitting down.
It’s not that hard I tell them, just make sure you don’t take a stand.
Make sure you don’t have a plan, other than to talk.
To make someone like you.
And then you meet someone like you,
And you hate them, because you see right through it, and you think they must have X-ray vision too.
And you hate them because what if they can really see you.
What if what your father said just isn’t true.
What if you aren’t that good at talking,
You're just not good at stopping,
what if you are wrong about your addiction, and it is the bottle in your hand with such a high proof.
because there is proof that you are not that good,
Like the time you had nothing to say when she said that you loved her
and you knew she wouldn’t remember so you didn’t deny it because in your head you kept trying to say yes.
There are two mottos in my family and one Addiction.
I'd be happy to talk about it if you'd like.