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People are not very good at protecting their skin from the sun. Part of the reason for that, is because it’s hard to protect against what you can’t see happening, and you can’t see what sun damage is doing until it’s too late. So with a UV camera to capture skin damage, and an awesome song by Tierra Whack, we decided to show people the danger they are in.

We then set up an event in NYC and invited influencers to come get their portrait taken with our UV camera to help spread the word about spreading protection.


You don’t just get your flu shot for you. You get it for everyone in your life that you want to protect.
We thought that if Walgreens explained that, then more people would get flu shots — and more people would get them at Walgreens.

We took our message of “protecting the world starts with protecting yours” to places we knew would have a lot of people — and a lot of germs. Our station takeovers of Grand Central and Penn Station were effective enough that Walgreens asked us to create a sizzle video showing them off.  


To tell people that Walgreens cares about them, we shot an anthem spot featuring real people that tells everyone “Care doesn’t care.” What came out was a classic and dramatic manifesto. It felt good to use my almost-spoken-word-poetry voice.