about holy men in hell


Holy Men in Hell

It only takes paying a little attention to tell —

That by the time 
the old preachers get to heaven 
it will be full 
as hell.

And St. Peter will have to take them aside 
and explain with a sigh of someone who’s done this before.

Sorry, but we don’t let holy men in anymore

We just don’t have the beds, 
You see too many children —
they ended up dead. 
Do you remember that sermon? 
What was it you said?
About a “just war,” and warriors of Christ to be lead?

About how you heard the voice
of an old angry god in your head? 

So instead of seeing each other, God’s children saw red. 

Even after that disgrace — 
there still would have been space. 

But we looked into all those gay kids 
who kept killing themselves crying
to try and find out  
why so many were dying.

And as it turns out 
their tears were holy water that mixed with their blood 
the same way our saviors did 
When it fell from the cross.

Then we found out who taught them they were damned 
and disgusting 
and hopeless 
and lost.

And I know
I know
I know what you thought. 
That your prayers would protect you 
because you’ve prayed a lot. 

But so did the blessed boys 
Preyed upon while they prayed 
With only cold crucifixes for comfort
Abused and afraid.

See they came here confused 
with anger and scars that we couldn’t refuse
So we gave them the places that you could have used. 

Then, finally, St. Peter will stop —
but only because he ran out of breath.

And the old preachers will wail
And demand 
And break down 
And question the plan 
And where god can be found. 

They’ll say they were just doing 
what they were told was right. 
That for every soul darkened 
they led thousands to light. 
They’ll beg 
and they’ll plead 
and the foolish will fight. 

And St. Peter will sigh 
shake his white head and wait
then slowly, so slowly, drag his keys across the gate. 

And it will open
only the smallest sliver.

So before they ever have the pleasure 
to look upon his face, 

a vengeful Father will have the pleasure
to send them down to their fate. 

Copyright 2018 by Paul Curry