about your sadness


Use Your Sadness

Next time you feel like this
use your heavy heart to break something.

Next time you are broken
use your shattered shards to make something.

Next time you are in pain
give it a point so it can sink in.

Your sadness isn't a sin.

It's okay if your green eyes see in grey.

The other day
I learned that black and white films and photographs give you more detail.

If you don't get distracted by the all the pretty colors all the time
you can see the purpose of the patterns and the unfair design.

Your sad eyes see better
so use them.

Try to focus on what needs fixing
I know
It's hard.

Your knees might feel weak
but that just makes them easier to bend.

Take a step
Do it again.
You are not stuck.

In my experience they will take your helping hand
even if it is still wet from wiping your eyes.

Don't let the heavy harden your heart
save that inflexibility for your resolve to solve something that needs solving.

There are other ways to stop crying in the morning
than by having her with you at night.

Other ways to better yourself out of bed
than pumping yourself full of all the caffeine you can find.

Other ways to drift off into dreams
than filling yourself with so much smoke you choke out every sad thing you see.

Trust me.
I know.
It's hard.

But so is our best armor.
So is life.
So is that look on your face.

So use your already down turned eyes to see those already down trodden.

it helps to be strong to when you are helping the weak
but for too long
I thought strong
Only ever meant happy.

I was wrong. 
Your sadness has it's own kind of strength. 

So please
Next time you feel like this.
Don't force yourself to fake a change. 
Use it.